Permit to work

The Department of Health is responsible for issuing work permits for licensed professional activities under the laws and regulations in force regarding hygiene, pollution prevention and food. All work-related professional activities must have a valid work permit.

Starfsleyfi eða skráning?

Hvað er starfsleyfisskylt og hvað er skráningarskylt?



Before applying for a work permit

One of the conditions for issuing a permit to work is that the activity complies with the planning and that the premises are approved by the construction supervisor for the activity in question.

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Umsókn um starfsleyfi og skráning á starfsemi

Rekstraraðila ber að sækja um starfsleyfi til Heilbrigðiseftirlits Reykjavíkur eða skrá starfsemi sína á áður en starfsemi hefst.

Process of application


HCP places the incoming applications in progress according to the established procedure. The application is submitted to the delivery meeting of the health unit for approval. At the end of the meeting, the applicant is notified of the handling of the case and an invoice is sent to the applicant's home bank. Settlement meetings are equally held weekly on Tuesdays.


A fee is charged for the creation of a work permit, as well as fees for health surveillance.


For information on fees, see the fee schedule for pollution and health monitoring in the City of Reykjavik.

Advertising - work permit proposals for polluting activities

Applications for polluting activities are placed in progress and subsequently advertised for 4 weeks according to Regulation no. 550/2018 on emissions from occupational sources and pollution control.

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How do I get a work permit issued?

A work

permit is effective once an invoice has been paid. The Letter of Authorization is sent to the Licensee. It is prohibited to start a licensed activity until such time as a licence has entered into force. The validity of work permits for activities subject to work permits only under the food legislation is untimely, while other work permits are issued for a period of 12 years. Temporary work permits such as for demolitions, outdoor festivals and markets are also issued.

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