Operating permits and registrations

The Public Health Authority of Reykjavík oversees the issuance of operating permits for businesses required to have one and confirms registrations according to laws and regulations on sanitary practices, pollution control, and food safety.


Operating permit or registration?

What activities require an operating permit and what needs to be registered?

Operating permits


Before you apply

One of the conditions for registration and issuance of an operating permit is that the business's operations align with planning guidelines and the venue is approved by the Building Commissioner for that specific activity.

Applying for an operating permit and registering operations

Business operators must apply for an operating permit from the Reykjavík Public Health Authority or register their business on island.is before operations begin.

Application/registration process

The Public Health Authority processes applications and registrations according to procedures. The application goes to a Permit Review Meeting for approval. After the meeting, the applicant is notified regarding the resolution of the case and an invoice is sent to their online bank. Permit review meetings are typically held weekly on Tuesdays.

Fee schedule

There's a fee for issuing an operating permit/confirmation as well as supervision fees for health control. Information about fees can be found in the fees schedule for pollution and health monitoring in Reykjavík City.

Advertisements - operating permit suggestions for polluting activities

Applications for polluting operations according to Regulation No. 550/2018 on Industrial Emissions and Pollution Control are processed accordingly and subsequently advertised for 4 weeks as provided for in the Regulation.

How can I get an operating permit or confirmation for a registration?

A operating permit comes into effect and a registration is confirmed once the invoice has been paid. The permit letter is sent to the permit holder. It is prohibited to start work that requires a permit/registration before the operating permit/confirmation comes into effect.

Permits for food-related activities that are only obliged to have an operating permit according to food laws are indefinite, and other operating permits are valid for up to 12 years. Temporary permits are also issued, such as for outdoor festivals and markets.
Confirmed registrations are indefinite.

Reykjavík Public Health Authority

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