Public Transport

Straeto Public Transport

Let's use the bus and enjoy getting effortlessly where we need to go! For information on trips, prices, and everything else, visit the Straeto Public Transport website.

Bike Rentals

The first electric scooters, or e-scooters, were offered for rent to the general public on city land in 2019, and since then they have only grown in number. The scooters are not rented from specific stations, which means that the scooters do not have to be returned to predetermined stations. You can jump off and on as you need within a certain area, which is explicitly indicated in the companies’ apps. This is a pilot project intended to promote eco-friendly and smart travel within Reykjavik.

Coach Stops

There are 14 coach stops in the center of Reykjavik to make it easier for tourists to get to and from group travel vehicles. The reference time for group travel vehicles to stop at these locations is five minutes.

The purpose of the stops is to protect residential areas from unnecessary traffic and, at the same time, increase services to coach companies and accommodation providers within areas where driving restrictions apply. Everybody benefits!