The City's school and recreational staff are progressive, and they review their own practices, work together toward common goals and adopt new working practices and teaching styles.

Here you can find practical information about services, advice, education, software, privacy and more.

The Google Workspace Employee Guide has tutorials, instructions and checklists for the Google education apps.

Career Development

The educational consultants of the Education Innovation Center are based at Mixture, the SFS Technology and Creativity Center in Mjodd. They offer education, advice and support for the use of digital technologies in the City's school and recreational activities. Education, workshops and counseling can be arranged at

Gróskutengiliðir - Gróskuteymi

Í hverjum grunnskóla borgarinnar er einn aðili tengiliður skólans við innleiðingarverkefni Stafrænnar grósku og heldur utan um innleiðingu námstækja 1:1 í skólanum ásamt skólastjórnendum og Gróskuteymi skólans. 


Google leiðbeiningar fyrir starfsfólk

Google Workspace is the SFS digital school environment. The system has been used in schooling for several years, both domestically and abroad. It has many learning apps, including Google Classroom, where teachers create digital classrooms for students.

The system has undergone a risk assessment and a Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) in partnership with the Department of Education and Youth (SFS), the Education Innovation Center and the Reykjavik Privacy Commissioner. Schools are only allowed to use the software in the central installation of SFS and the Department of Information Technology (UTR). Each school enters into a processor agreement with the company. All data is stored within Europe.

Nám í Reykjavíkurborg stutt af neti

Our reality suddenly changed with Covid. Schoolwork in the city was based on a multi-pronged mix of placement, homework and learning through electronic media. Learning with the support of a network is not about transferring the traditional school environment into the electronic environment.

The Learning Supported by Network page was created with the aim of pointing out a range of accessible ways and means that support communication and information-sharing between schools and homes, while ensuring children as soon as they are safe and supportive of routine and learning.

Upptökur frá vefvinnustofunum "Getting the most from your Chromebooks"

In October and November 2021, the company AppsEvents held four web workshops for primary school staff in Reykjavik City. Below are direct links to the footage. Please note that the recordings are in English.

- See more about Getting the most from your Chromebooks

- See more about Designing and Creativity with Chromebooks

- See more about Explorative Learning opportunities with Chromebooks

- See more about Using Google Workspace, Chromebooks and Cloud-based 3rd party tools to take learning anywhere

Stafræn borgaravitund

Stafræn borgaravitund (e. digital citizenship) að vera stafrænn borgari, er að hafa þekkingu, færni og viðhorf sem þarf til að sýna ábyrga og virðingarverða hegðun þegar tækni er notuð. Samhliða innleiðingu námstækja 1:1 í skólum borgarinnar er mikilvægt að stuðla að ábyrgri netnotkun og stafrænni borgaravitund í öllu starfi með stafræna tækni.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Software must be assessed for risks before using it in school and recreation.
The following questions need to be answered: What data is processed? Where is the data stored? Can it be deleted? Are any advertisements related to the usage?

Job site managers are responsible for informing parents about what technologies are being used and how they are being integrated into the school setting.


System Administrators

Most of the City's primary schools have system administrators who can help staff solve problems. UTR works closely with these system administrators and supports their day-to-day work.

Do you work for the City and need help?

If you are unable to reach the system administrator at your facility:

Send a request to

The phone for UTR is: 411 1900

When emailing a request to UTR, it's important to include the phone number and facility in question.

Digital Growth

Reykjavik Department of Education and Youth

You can contact us by email: