Department of Services & Innovation

The Department of Services & Innovation, also known as ÞON, is one of the three core departments of the City of Reykjavík. The Department’s main function is to take care of the City of Reykjavík's internal and external services and to promote innovation in the City’s activities.

About the Department

ÞON works with the other departments and is, among other things, responsible for information technology, data management, innovation, technical renovation, and services. The Department leads the implementation of Reykjavík City’s current Service Policy and is responsible for managing administrative facilities. The Department plays a key role in coordinating matters relating to technology, data, services, and operations for the City of Reykjavík, and provides the City with professional advice in these matters. 

Department of Services & Innovation functional units 

The Department of Services & Innovation is divided into five offices which, together with the Office of the Director, all carry out different service roles while forming one strong unit. The Department is also responsible for the operation of the Reykjavík Municipal Archives, which operates according to Reykjavík City ordinances, laws and regulations. The Department also attends to innovation projects in the interests of Reykjavík residents, Reykjavík research services and digital privacy.  

Office of the Director 

Responsible for the Department's operation, functioning, and policy development, as well as quality management and follow-up of decisions relating to service and innovation.  

Karen María Jónsdóttir is the Office Manager.

Digital Reykjavík 

Oversees the digitization of service processes within the City, website issues, and digital transformation. The three teams within Digital Reykjavík—the project team, web team, and development team—work closely with other units on various projects. 

Þröstur Sigurðsson is the Office Manager.

Services & Transformation Office 

Is responsible for the coordinated front-line service of Reykjavík City, the operation of the service center, and the maintenance of administrative buildings. It also oversees the implementation of the City's Service Policy and leads service transformations and the redesigning of service processes through digital transformation.

Arna Ýr Sævarsdóttir is the Office Manager. 

Data Service 

Is in charge of data management and the practical use of data in the City's operations. 

Inga Rós Gunnarsdóttir is the Office Manager

Information & Record Management Office

It works across the City's departments and central administration, providing advice on information and record management issues.

Óskar Þór Þráinsson is the Office Manager

Information Technology

It is responsible for managing IT infrastructure and software development for value-adding products for Reykjavík City departments, along with communication and contracts with suppliers. The Office is divided into three divisions: Technical Services, Technical Operations, and System Solutions, along with Support Services.  

Ólafur Óskar Egilsson is the Office Manager. 

Reykjavík Municipal Archives

It administers matters related to keeping records for Reykjavík City and supervises record storage and record management of obligated parties. 

The Municipal Archivist is Svanhildur Bogadóttir.

Indicator lights of the Department of Services & Innovation 

Impactful service experience

We work on developing the City's service based on the existing Service Policy. Reykjavík City's services are designed and planned based on the needs and perspective of their users. 

Purposeful information delivery

Information about the City’s services is accessible and conveyed in various ways. The City's image is enhanced by purposeful information delivery, along with increased use and distribution of data. 

Strong frontline service

The City's frontline service is coordinated, and all emphasis is on resolving user inquiries at the first point of contact through simple and secure processes. 

Digital journey 

Modern systems

Information systems are further developed based on rapid technological innovations and digital transformations. We work to simplify the organization of systems, processes, and increase interoperability. 

Smart innovation

We seek new ways to address challenges in the City's operations. In collaboration with entrepreneurs, we prepare the smart city of Reykjavík and use data for development and innovation. 

Automatic administration

Automatic administration simplifies application processes and access to the City's services. Increased automation will contribute to less waste in the administration, efficiency, and simplification. 

Culture hack 

Efficient team work

Our methodology and environment are organized in such a way as to promote powerful team work and innovation. We deliberately work across units in all projects to maximize value for service users. 

Fertile working environment

We share knowledge, offer guidance, and are at the forefront as pioneers and influencers. The City's staff thus receives support to adapt to a new culture, new methods, and new ways of thinking. 

Constant feedback

Our work methods are constantly reviewed and we seize opportunities to improve. Feedback and continuous improvements characterize all our work.

Annual reports


Inquiries and requests can be sent by email to

Suggestions regarding service can be sent through the Reykjavík City Suggestion Portal.

Reykjavík City Service Center is located at Borgartún 12-14. It is open from 8:20 am-4:15 pm all weekdays. The Service Center's phone number is 411-1111. 


The Director is Óskar J. Sandholt.