Cleaning Up Together

Reykjavik City urges the City's residents to join forces in cleaning up the City after winter and welcoming spring with a smile. We call for greater residential initiative and accountability. For years, the City has held a cleaning campaign in the spring, most recently under the name “Cleaning Up Together.”

Encouraging Others through Our Own Initiative

By picking up trash and trimming trees and shrubs in our garden, we encourage others to clean up. Let's take it a step forward and pick up trash outside our fences, next to the neighborhood walking paths, or in a nearby outdoor area. Cleaning days for your street or neighborhood are a chance to enjoy each other’s company. Let's use our imagination and make cleaning up a fun project. The City of Reykjavik takes part in the Big Plogging Day, which is held at the end of April every year, and encourages residents to clean up together on this day. Plogging in Iceland has hosted the Big Plogging Day every year since 2018.

Plogging in Iceland

Iceland has a strong group of ploggers who have their own Facebook group with around 7,500 members, so there are a lot of people who care about surroundings. In the group, members share their environmental triumphs and challenges, and the members encourage each other, and post photos of trash picked up from nature.


Ploggers have the hobby of going around an area and picking up, or plogging, plastic, cardboard, and other trash left by residents, construction, or other activities, so both nature and the city surroundings look better afterwards.


Finally, it is good to remember that in addition to the plogging stick and good gloves, it is necessary to have a clear plastic bag if not using multi-purpose bags. It is also important to tie a good knot on the bag so the plogging does not go to waste. You can turn the trash in at Sorpa’s recycling centers.


Together Year Round

All year long, the staff at Reykjavik City’s District Depots is involved, including removing bags from ploggers and receiving tips on full trashcans. It is, however, important not to overfill bins so that the wind does not blow the trash away. It's best to send them to the Reykjavik City Suggestion Portal.

Garden Waste

Note that Sorpa’s recycling centers accept garden waste and tree cuttings at no cost to residents. Many garden owners have set up for composting and can use their garden waste to their advantage. Garden waste should be left to decompose naturally in the garden or brought to Sorpa.

What about Street Sweeping?

The main focus in the cleaning of streets and walking paths is in spring and into summer.