Street and pedestrian path sweeping

Winter did not treat all of us well—and streets and pedestrian paths are certainly worse for winter. That is why most of the street and pedestrian road cleaning takes place in the spring, and into summer, even though they also get a little cleaning in the fall to prepare for the coming winter.

Spring cleaning

Residents receive text messages with the dates of cleaning, and markings are posted in streets, before their streets are swept and washed. To make sure everything goes smoothly, please move your car out of public areas in the street.

When is it my turn?

What are the priorities for spring cleaning?

We are starting with the cleaning of the main walking and biking paths—as well as the main roads, and streets and paths around them.

Then, we clean and wash residential streets, pavements, and nearby paths.

Finally, we complete street washing of the main roads and connecting roads.

Fall cleaning

In the fall, after the leaves have started to fall, we sweep streets and pedestrian paths in one pass for maintenance.

What about the city center?

  • From April 15 to November 15, downtown Reykjavík is cleaned daily between 6am and 9am.
  • The downtown area is washed with soap on average every other week and side of Tjörnin Pond is cleaned weekly.
  • From November 15 to April 14, downtown is cleaned four days a week.
  • Trashcans are emptied daily in the most frequented places.

What about snow clearing?

When snow falls or if there is slippery ice in Reykjavík, we work according to the winter service contingency plan.