Reykjavik City Rainbow Certification: The Background

Safn Ásmundar Sveinssonar

How did the Rainbow Certification come about?

Certification Processes

The Rainbow Certification is based on similar certification processes at, for example, Human Rights Campaign, Stonewall UK, and RFSL in Sweden, which stipulate that corporate policies mention LGBT+ people and that the rights and equal status of LGBT+ people are guaranteed. In order to improve the work environment and services for LGBT+ people there is sensitivity training on LGBT+ issues and norms in society. Ways to create a more LGBT+ friendly workplace are explored.


But what about Reykjavik City?

Reykjavik City fulfills a number of criteria required by the above-mentioned certification processes, e.g. having an action plan based on the Human Rights Policy that addresses LGBT+ issues. The legal environment in Iceland also, for the most part, guarantees the rights of many LGBT+ persons. There remains, however, a need to make staff more aware of the Human Rights Policy, the status and rights of LGBT+ people, and how Reykjavik workplaces and services can be more LGBT+ friendly. Reykjavik City's Rainbow Certification aims to meet this need.

Human Rights, Innovation, and Democracy Council

The Human Rights, Innovation and Democracy Council approved a proposal for the Rainbow Certification in November 2019. The Rainbow Certification is part of enforcing the Reykjavik’s Human Rights Policy and ensuring compliance with, among other things, Act No 86/2018 on Equal Treatment on the Labor Market.