Preschool support

Children may receive special support or special education in preschools at the discretion of experts or diagnosticians. The main objective of special education is to ensure the equal rights of children in preschool activities, regardless of their physical and mental abilities.


School service

Includes a wide range of advice and support for parents or guardians, children, and preschool and primary school staff with a view to meeting children's support needs.

Is my child entitled to special education and special support?

Children who, due to disability, emotional or social difficulties, require special assistance, are entitled to support in the preschool under the supervision of specialists.

How to apply for the services?

The preschool director applies to the Office of the Department of Education & Youth. Please note that all applications must be accompanied by an explanatory report from the preschool and/or diagnostic results.



Specialized preschools

Three preschools, Múlaborg, Sólborg, and Suðurborg, specialize in working with disabled children. More information about their specialization can be found on the websites of the preschools. They also have an important consultative role for other preschools and have specialized in developing ways of joining the education of children with and without disabilities so that the needs of all are met.