Preschool with a nursery division

Suðurhólar 19
111 Reykjavík


About the preschool

Suðurborg is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Suðurborg Preschool officially opened in 1979. It currently operates in two buildings, one of which has one group and the other has 6 groups as well as shared spaces. The groups are called Brekkukot, Lækjarkot, Hólakot, Krílakot, Dvergakot, and Álfakot. Suðurborg has 40 employees and 106 children stay there at the same time.

Preschool Director: Berglind Hallgrímsdóttir


Suðurborg Preschool

Want to know more about Suðurborg? In this very short video, we give a glimpse of the preschool activities. It was made by Erla Stefánsdóttir and Antonía Lárusdóttir for the the Department of Education & Youth.


The motto of Suðurborg is responsibility, care, and safety


The aim of the preschool is to help each child become independent and get ready for the future in a safe way. We focus on two theories that are different but both important for playing and working with children. John Dewey's philosophy stresses that free play is a key part of a child's education and growth. PBS (Positive Behavioral Supports) is a philosophy that uses a positive discipline approach. It includes teaching, keeping and rewarding good behavior. Suðurborg also specializes in behavioral training for autistic children and is a counseling school. The preschool participates in the project 'Reading in Play - preschool literacy policy' and European cooperation on special education.

Teikning af konu að kasta hlutum eins og sirkúslistamaður.

The Center for Suðurborg

Suðurborg Preschool falls under South Center. South Center provides a wide range of services to the residents of Breiðholt and is a comprehensive information source for municipal services. The Center provides welfare services, school services to preschool and primary schools, day care and recreational counseling, and various other services.


Parent partnerships

We are all in this together, and as the proverb goes it takes a village to raise a child. Reykjavík City preschools make targeted efforts to consult with and increase parent involvement in preschool activities. All Reykjavík City preschools have parent associations and parent councils.

Photos from Suðurborg