About Árbæjarlaug Pool

Árbæjarlaug Pool opened on April 30, 1994. The size of the building is 2,100 square meters and total size of water surfaces is about 670 square meters. The steam room was rebuilt in 2013 and “Nuddi” the whirlpool bath was installed in 2013. Two beach volleyball courts were installed in 2015.


Úti og inni s/f.

Year of construction


Building history

Preparations for the construction of the Árbæjarlaug Pool began in 1990, construction began in 1991. When the excavation started for the building, a crack and a fault line were observed in the foundation of the pool. As a result, the pool had to be moved about 40 meters northwest, in the direction of the Fylkir Field. The construction company Álftarós h/f was the main contractor for the construction of the pool, which was completed in April 1994. Árbæjarlaug Pool opened on April 30, 1994. The construction cost was 630 million kr.

Building size: 2,100 m2 The total water surface size is about: 670 m2
Lot size: 17,080 m2 No. of parking spaces: 200

Main pool - Djúpið (The Deep)

Length: 25 m, width: 12.5 m Max depth: 1.80 m Min depth: 1.10 m
Surface area: 312.5 m2 Volume: 417 m3 Temperature: 29°C

Indoor pool - Áslaug

Length: 10 m, width: 6.8 m Max depth: 0.90 m Min depth: 0.70 m
Surface area: 68 m2 Volume: 55 m3 Temperature: 33°C

Wading pool - Skeifan (The Horseshoe)

Length: 11 m. width: 11 m Max depth: 0.70 m Min depth: 0.01 m
Surface area: 134 m2 Volume: 94 m3 Temperature: 32°C

Hot tubs

Ida Temperature: 37°C 34 m2 | 21.7 m3
Volga Temperature: 40°C 13 m2 | 9.4 m3
Víti Temperature: 43°C 7 m2 | 4.9 m3
Nuddi Temperature: 38-40C° 15 m2 | 12.5 m3

Purification of the water in the pool takes place through sand filters, up to 100 times a day in the tubs. Automatic chlorination stations are responsible for maintaining water quality according to the standards set by the Environmental and Food Agency.

Steam room

Steam room Common to men and women: 15 m2

Beach Volleyball

Two beach volleyball courts were installed in 2015.

The Water

All water in showers, pools, and tubs is thermal spring water. The pH of the water is controlled by the use of carbon dioxide and therefore has a pH of about 7.5, which makes it possible to limit the use of chlorine.

Playground equipment

Water slide: slide height 5.0 m, slide length 33.5 m. The water slide was renovated in 2015.
Other playing equipment: a small slide, water jets, and a variety of floating toys.


Árbæjarlaug Pool has food and beverage sales and you can buy a variety of light snacks, cosmetics, swimwear and more.

Directors since opening

Stefán Kjartansson 1994-2003
Ólafur Gunnarsson 2004-2005
Jens Á. Jónsson 2005-2010
Guðrún Arna Gylfadóttir 2011-2017
Árni Jónsson 2017-2018
Erla Sigrún Viggósdóttir 2018-2018
Hafliði Halldórsson 2019-2019
Drífa Magnúsdóttir 2019- 2021
Gunnar Már Hoffmann 2021-2022
Vala Bjarney Gunnarsdóttir 2022-