About Rimaskóli

Rimaskóli was officially founded at a meeting of the Reykjavík Education Council on April 19, 1993. Rimaskóli’s construction finished in four phases around the last turn of the century, and upon final completion in November 2001, the school was finally finished and formally consecrated. Rimaskóli's 30-year jubilee was celebrated on June 1, 2023. Many guests visited and rejoiced with the school community.

Rimaskóli’s motto

Rimaskóli's motto from the beginning has been "Rules - Ambition - Creation", meaning that students follow the few but clear rules set by the school, a positive ambition fills the building when it comes to achievement and participation in tasks and competitions, and that students' creativity and artistry flourish with strong and diverse teaching in relevant areas. This aligns well with the Reykjavík City Education Policy until 2030, "Let Dreams Come True". Please refer to Section 8 of Reykjavík City's Education Policy.



Awards and development work

Rimaskóli has received numerous encouragement awards and recognitions for its outstanding school projects and development efforts. We offer a range of subjects that include the sciences, home economics, drama, life skills, and chess; the latter indeed boasting incredible student achievements which have gained attention and bolstered the school's reputation.

School administration

Helgi Árnason served as the school principal of Rimaskóli from 1993 to 2019. Þóranna Rósa Ólafsdóttir took over the leadership in the fall of 2019 and continues to do so to this day.