West Center

About West Center

West Center is one of four Centers in Reykjavik.  

You can make an appointment for counseling and/or get general information about the services by calling West Center at 411 1600 or by email.

The role of the Center is to provide multidisciplinary and coordinated welfare services to individuals and families in Vesturbær, Miðborg, and Hlíðar, as well as specialist services for preschools and primary schools, daycare counseling, recreational counseling, and other professional services to institutions and associations in the districts.  West Center is a hub of knowledge for multiculturalism and diversity and employs specialized staff in matters of foreigners and outsiders. The Center employs about 420 people.

The focus of West Center is collaboration with other institutions and associations in the neighborhoods, for example in preventive actions.  Including, for example, primary schools, preschools, youth centers, police, sports clubs, religious associations.

The director of West Center is Sigþrúður Erla Arnardóttir.