Human Resource Policy

Reykjavík City is a unified workplace in all its diversity and has set a Human Resource Policy until the year 2025. The City of Reykjavík's vision for the future is that work will be characterized by professionalism and ambition. The City of Reykjavík aims to be a lively and enjoyable workplace with a strong attraction for skilled and enthusiastic people of all ages who work for the benefit of the city's residents.

Guiding principles of the Human Resource Policy

Four guiding principles will shape and direct the City of Reykjavík's human resources operations for the next few years. They are humane, coherent, trustworthy, and smart.


  • The City of Reykjavík meets the diverse needs of its workplaces and employees. We take responsibility and minimize waste to improve services and the community within the city. We prioritize equal status and opportunities for all employees.


  • The City of Reykjavík is a workplace that values diversity in all its aspects. This is evident in our integrated work environment and efficient human resource management, powerful teamwork, and short communication channels.


  • The City of Reykjavík places great importance on the health and well-being of its employees, leading to increased satisfaction and better services for the city's residents. Employees are provided with a secure work environment, and mutual respect is evident in all interactions.


  • The City of Reykjavík is a forward-thinking workplace that encourages cross-functional career development. By looking towards the future, the City's employees work together to face challenges and seize opportunities as they arise.

By keeping these four guiding principles in mind, the City of Reykjavík faces the future with interdisciplinary collaboration and short communication channels. In this way, the City will become a humane, coherent, trustworthy, and smart workplace that values diversity, strong culture, flexibility, and solidarity.

Reykjavík City's Human Resources Policy until 2025

The desired status by 2025 is for the operations of Reykjavík City to be characterized by professionalism, innovation, and the utilization of technological development. This will make the city a vibrant and enjoyable workplace.