Wall carcass

Need help cleaning a scrap wall? The City of Reykjavik assists in the first cleaning of vandalism that has been painted or sprayed on the walls, fences and underpasses in the city centre, in partnership with residents, operators and/or property owners.

How do I get help?

Whether you're a resident, homeowner, and/or business owner, you'll be in touch with the City of Reykjavik and ask for help through the city's tip site.
The Project Manager at the CoR examines and assesses the extent of the sabotage.
Contractor contacts. Timetable for cleaning found and cost estimate made.
The Contractor has a follow-up period of one month from the date of completion of the first cleaning.
Note that if acts of sabotage are reworked in the same location, the police and the Head of Mission should be notified at the earliest opportunity.

The city also clears off

  • City real estate including primary and secondary
    schools Traffic manpower
  • including underpasses, traffic bridges and soundings Benches,
  • dams, lanterns, stereometers and
    traffic signs Outdoor playgrounds
  • at kindergartens and guard courts and open playgrounds City-owned playgrounds Outdoor activities in
  • spaces and on the land of city institutions
  • activities in open spaces and on the land of city institutions