Process for the application and allocation of social housing

After your application for public social housing is received, you will be invited to an interview with a counselor who will formally evaluate whether all conditions are met. The evaluation is carried out in close collaboration with you, taking into account your current housing situation, income, health, and social circumstances. Your application is then approved or denied.

What happens if an application is denied?

If your application is denied, and you believe there are exceptional circumstances, you can request a review by the Welfare Council Appeal Board.

What happens if an application is approved?

Approved applications are placed on a waiting list for housing allocation. You will receive information about the services available to you until the allocation takes place.

What if I am not allocated housing immediately?

If you have not received housing within one year of the application being accepted, a counselor will contact you. During that conversation, the application is updated, the circumstances are reviewed, and the possibility of allocation in the next 12 months is reviewed.

How is housing allocation done?

Accepted applications are placed on a waiting list in order of priority based on the result of the professional assessment. The social housing allocation team makes a decision on allocation when new housing becomes available. The applicant is notified in writing when the housing is allocated and has ten days to accepts the allocation. An applicant who accepts accommodation subsequently signs a lease agreement with Félagsbústaðir Social Housing or the City of Reykjavík.