Come work at a preschool!

Do you want to be a role model and create lasting memories? Join one of Reykjavík's preschools and take part in shaping the future of upcoming generations and making dreams come true! Won’t you join us?

About the workplace

Reykjavík City preschools are diverse and vibrant workplaces where no two days are the same. Being a preschool instructor and teacher involves lots of challenges, but first and foremost, it's incredibly rewarding, fun, and educational.

Shape the job based on your strengths

Working with children is creative, and you have numerous opportunities to weave your strengths and interests into school projects. What you have to offer can therefore be a unique contribution to the work and experience of both children and colleagues.

But I don't fit in there, do I?

If you enjoy working with people and want to contribute, you're sure to fit in. In preschool you are part of the group and in good company all day long. The preschools employ a great variety of people where each person has something valuable to bring forth.

The work takes place inside and out, working in teams under the guidance of administrators. Children are learning about life and existence and need care, safety, attention, and education.

Family-Friendly and Convenient Working Hours

The working hours at preschool are both convenient and family-friendly, as the work only takes place during daytime hours on weekdays. Many people also feel that working time makes it easy to pursue their interests and passions, such as studying, sports, and artistic creation.

Get a job close to home

Home proximity is a big advantage for many, and you can often find a job at the local preschool. Various perks come with the job, such as a good lunch, free swim passes, museum access, and more. The preschool is also the best place if you want a hug when you get to work.

Your role as a teacher or instructor

Careers in preschool are both rewarding and varied. In your capacity as a teacher or instructor, you will...

  • Work with children and equip them for life
  • Care for children's education under the guidance of administrators with the main focus on learning through play
  • Participate in the care of children and assist them as needed
  • Participate in organizing professional work
  • Support children to feel comfortable and have a good time in the preschool
  • Create fond memories, both with children and colleagues

Education and qualification criteria

The work at preschools emphasizes joy and positivity, trust and cooperation, as well as well-being and variety at work. You need to have the will to contribute, have good communication skills, be willing to learn, and adopt professional practices. Icelandic is important, but there is also no better place to learn the language than in preschool!

Preschool is the first level of schooling and those who teach there must be educated preschool teachers. Today, however, there is room for exceptions from that requirement and people with other education and experience are a welcome addition to a strong group of staff.

Salaries are as agreed between the City of Reykjavík and the trade union concerned.

Job perks

Apart from the fun of working in a preschool, the job comes with a number of perks.

  • Swim pass
  • Free lunch
  • Transportation agreement
  • Health grant
  • Culture Pass
  • Shorter work week
  • Discounted day care fees for children in preschool
  • Priority preschool placement for children
  • Possibilities of applying for shorter or longer courses alongside the job (e.g. educational leave to become a preschool teacher)

Do you want to apply for a job?

Here you can submit a general application for employment in the City's preschools.