Housing for disabled individuals

It is important for individuals who want to live independently to have the option of realizing that dream. Disabled individuals can obtain housing at an affordable rental rate.

Specific housing refers to apartments in housing complexes for disabled individuals who require extensive support in their own homes. There, residents receive support services based on their needs throughout the day or part of the day.

Housing with support refers to individual apartments for disabled individuals who need some support to live independently.

Am I entitled to housing?

To be eligible for housing, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a confirmed disability diagnosis.
  • Be assessed for need according to relevant criteria for social housing and the rules on support services.
  • Have a residence permit that is valid for at least 12 months, in cases where the applicant has a temporary residence permit in Iceland.

How do I apply for housing?

You can apply for housing for disabled individuals online on My Pages. You can also fill out the application form in PDF and send it to VELumsokn@reykjavik.is or deliver it to your district Center.

What happens next?

After the application is received, the applicant is invited to an interview with a counselor who assesses whether the applicant meets the requirements. The assessment of support needs is done in close cooperation with the applicant. Afterward, the application is approved or denied.

If your application is denied, and you believe there are exceptional circumstances, you can request a review by the Welfare Council Appeal Board.

Approved applications are placed on a waiting list for housing allocation. Applicants will receive information about the services that they can receive until housing allocations are made.

How is housing allocation done?

Housing allocation is done at meetings of the allocation team. The applicant is notified in writing when housing has been allocated.

If the applicant has not been allocated housing within a year of approval of the application, the counselor will make contact. In the meeting, the application is updated, the status of the application on the waiting list is reviewed, and the possibility of housing allocation in the next 12 months is discussed. At the same time, the counselor goes over what other resources and services are available until housing allocation is made.

How much does housing for disabled individuals cost?

The housing is rental accommodation, and the cost of rent depends on the size and type of the housing. Rent is paid monthly, and tenants may be entitled to housing benefits and special housing aid.