Employment and activities for disabled people

Work is a big and important part of people's lives. Being an active participant in society has a positive impact on the self-image and well-being. Many disabled people possess valuable experience and knowledge that can be used in a variety of jobs, but sometimes they require assistance or working facilities, accessibility, working hours and tasks that meet their needs, generally called reasonable accommodations.

What is offered?

Disabled people are encouraged to apply for general jobs advertised by the City of Reykjavík. If hired, efforts are made to meet the specialized needs of staff as much as possible. When you need help with job hunting, training for a job, or support in keeping a job in the general labor market, supported employment (a service offered by the Directorate of Labor called “Atvinna með stuðningi” or AMS) may be suitable.

Disabled people who are not able to perform general jobs and need more extensive assistance can apply for sheltered employment, job training, and activity programs tailored to individual needs in terms of support, duration, and tasks.

How do I apply?

The Directorate of Labor accepts applications and subsequently invites you to an interview where the next steps are decided.

What happens next?

If it is determined that sheltered employment, job training, or an activity program is appropriate for you, the Directorate of Labor will forward the case to the appropriate municipality. The municipality is obliged to offer the appropriate sheltered workshops, job training, or activity programs.


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