Consultation Portal

Reykjavík City’s Consultation Portal is used to solicit the ideas and attitudes of citizens on various projects in Reykjavík.

It allows residents to give their opinion on the many strategic and executive initiatives as they are worked on.

Use of the Consultation Portal

The Consultation Portal is used for both preparing new policies and reviewing policy drafts during the policy-making process.

Examples of use:

  • In the making of Reykjavík City’s Democracy Policy, one part of the consultation process was to call for suggestions and proposals in the preparatory phase. When the draft policy was available, it was published on the Consultation Portal with a call for comments.
  • In the spring of 2022, a major consultation project was launched for the restoration of Laugardalslaug Pool. We called for suggestions and ideas on the Consultation Portal for everything the new pool in Laugardalur should have. We accepted suggestions in several categories, such as the grand stand, hot pots, playgrounds, and so on. The pool also had an idea box and we had coffee meetings with swimmers and sightseers. A total of over 1,000 ideas were submitted during the consultation period. The ideas were categorized and included with the documentation for the architects working on proposals in the design competition for the future appearance of Laugardalslaug Pool.

We always promote ongoing projects on and on our social media.

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