Looking for summer work?


Sundlaugarvörður í rauðri peysu stendur á brúnni yfir Laugardalslaug. Bjart veður.

Reykjavík City is advertising many diverse and fun summer activities this year, with a minimum age requirement of 17 for applicants.

The jobs vary widely and touch on the daily lives of city residents in numerous ways. Positions are open in residential hubs, at the Siglunes sailing club, in swimming pools and home support, at the City History Museum, in gardening, street theater at Hitt Húsið Youth Center, the Botanic Garden, and waste collection. The City offers a great variety of jobs with plenty of options available.

The deadline to apply for summer activities is by March 3, but please note that some positions may have a later application deadline.

View more information about the jobs.