About Helgi

Helgi Áss Grétarsson was born on February 18, 1977 and lives on Gunnarsbraut 42 in Reykjavík. Helgi is married to Ólöf Vala Ingvarsdóttir and they have lived together for almost two decades and have six children.

Work Experience

2022- First Deputy City Councilor for the Independence Party
2019-2022 Active in chess, along with writing and legal advice
2013- Teacher for the professional certification of real estate professionals for the University of Iceland Continuing Education
2012-2019 Associate Professor at the University of Iceland Faculty of Law – the main disciplines were property law and natural resources law
2007-2019 Participant in the negotiation of advisory opinions, legislative bills, and academic grant applications
2016-2019 Chair of the Career Development Fund of the Association of University Teachers
2014-2018 Lead Member of the Icelandic Naming Committee
2008-2015 Lead Member of the Unemployment Insurance Scheme and Labor Market Action Appeal Board
2006-2012 Expert at the University of Iceland Faculty of Law
1994-2006 World Chess Champion aged 20 and under in 1994, and subsequently became an active Chess Grandmaster (GM)


2006 Rights to practice as a solicitor
2005 Candidate of Law (cand. jur.) from the University of Iceland Faculty of Law (First Grade)

Publication of educational materials

As a scholar of law, Helgi has written most about the management of fisheries, including two peer-reviewed books and five peer-reviewed academic papers. Has written nearly two hundred articles in newspapers and magazines on various topics.


Native language: Icelandic. Proficient in English. Can read Danish and Norwegian.


Soccer and Chess