Preschool activities

Each preschool is unique. Some focus on communication, reading, or writing and others focus on mathematics, nature, and environmental issues. Here you can find information about the daily operations of preschools and various practical matters such as transfers between schools and changes in care hours.

Preschool opening hours

Most City preschools are open from 8am–4:30pm. Five preschools are open until 5pm, one in each district. These are Hagaborg Preschool in Vesturbær, Langholt Preschool in Laugardalur, Bakkaborg Preschool in Breiðholt, Klettaborg Preschool in Grafarvogur, and Heiðarborg Preschool in Árbær. You can specifically apply for consideration of circumstances for applications to preschools that are open until 5pm.

Changing the length of stay at preschool

Circumstances sometimes change – that's why you can apply to change the length of stay for your child. You apply for a change in the length of stay through Vala. Please note that the change will always take effect on the 1st or 15th of each month, and the notice period to give up preschool placement is one month.

Preschool parent cooperation

There is a targeted effort to increase dialogue with parents and strengthen their involvement in preschool education. All Reykjavík City preschools have parent associations and parent councils.

Transfers between preschools

Applications for transfers between city preschools are done online. Keep in mind that it's best to apply for a transfer before the end of February, as most preschool places for the fall are allocated in March.

Status on the waiting list if the child gets a spot in a private preschool

As soon as children start at a private preschool, they are removed from the City's waiting list. If you want to remain on the City's waiting list, you must apply for a transfer.

Nursery divisions

Several of the City's preschools have nursery divisions that specialize in the education of two-year-old children. They have better conditions for caring for the youngest preschool children, such as heated floors, better changing facilities, and a designated playground. Enrollment for preschools with nursery divisions is done in the same way as for other schools, in order of age.

Preschool meals

  • In preschool, children receive breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. So, they usually don't need to bring their own food. Some preschools post the daily menu in the Vala app.
  • If a child cannot eat a certain type of food due to intolerance, allergies, or religious reasons, it's essential to inform preschool staff.
  • When signing the preschool stay agreement, parents confirm with the principal which meals are included in the preschool fees.


Children can receive special support or special education in preschools based on assessment by a specialist or diagnostic professional. The main goal of special education is to ensure equal rights for children in the preschool environment, regardless of physical and mental abilities.

Multicultural preschool activities

Many children in the City's preschools are of foreign origin. This diversity is invaluable as the contributions of children and parents of foreign origin enrich preschool activities and provide opportunities to learn about diverse cultures and languages.

How can we help?

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