Transfer between Preschools


Transfers applications between Reykjavik preschools are made on Transfers take place between June – September. Keep in mind that you'll need to apply for a transfer before the end of February.

Moving within Reykjavik?

If your child is enrolled in a public preschool and needs to transfer within Reykjavik, you apply for the transfer on

If your child is enrolled in an private preschool, you must apply for the transfer through the preschool director of that preschool. Please note that when you sign the preschool placement agreement with the private preschool, the child will be taken off the waitlist for public preschools.

Moving to Reykjavik?

Please note you can apply preschool placement if you plan to move to Reykjavik—but a child cannot start preschool before their legal residence has been transferred to Reykjavik. Preschool placement is usually assigned in March – May each year. If you are unable to move the legal residence before that time, you can contact the enrolment representative and let them know when you are planning to move.

If you are a student eligible for student loans, you will need to provide a school certificate and confirmation from your local municipality showing payment of preschool fees if you are going to request an exemption from the legal residence requirement in Reykjavik.

Moving from Reykjavik?

If a child is on the waitlist for preschool placement in another municipality in the capital area, the child may remain in their preschool for up to 6 months, with the possibility of an extension for up to 12 months, if the child has not been offered placement. However, the municipality from which the child is moving must have given its consent.

If the child is in the final year of preschool or has a disability and the services the child needs are not available in the new municipality, there is more flexibility with the time limits and the child does not have to be on the waitlist for a new preschool. However, the municipality from which the child is moving must have given its consent. If you need to apply for such an exemption, please send an application to

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