Starting Preschool

Starting preschool marks the beginning of a child's schooling and is therefore a major moment in their life and that of their parents.

Mutual respect between parents and preschool staff is a prerequisite for the child's well-being and full enjoyment. It is therefore important to immediately establish a solid connection between the preschool and the home.

Preschool Adjustment

Each preschool, in consultation with the parents, decides how to support the child's adaptation. Parents play a key role during the child’s adaptation period as they are experts on their own children. At the beginning of preschool, parents are introduced to the school’s activities, giving parents the opportunity to discuss their child and their background, strengths and moods, favorite toys, books, music or playmates, family type, native tongue, and other things that the parents consider important. In some cases, there is only one child undergoing adjustment in the children's group, but often a group of children is admitted to the preschool at the same time. Sometimes the attendance is extended between days, but in other cases the parents are expected to be close by at fixed times.  

Some preschools hold introductory parenting sessions when the children start preschool. Other preschools offer parent interviews, and yet others offer both introductory meetings and interviews.

What makes preschools different?

If you would like to learn more about the focus of an individual preschool, please visit its website. A list of all the preschools in Reykjavik can be found here.


Preschool Food

In preschool, children receive breakfast, lunch, and afternoon refreshments. The focus is on healthy foods that meet the health criteria issued by the Directorate of Health. If a child is unable to eat any food due to food intolerance, allergies, or religious reasons, it is important to inform the preschool staff.

When signing a placement agreement at a preschool, a parent confirms to the preschool director which meals are included in the preschool fees.

Multicultural Preschool Activities

Many children in the City's preschools are of foreign origin. This diversity is valuable, as the contribution of children and parents of foreign origin enriches the work of the preschool and creates opportunities to get to know the diversity of cultures and languages.

In preschool, children with Icelandic as a second language build a foundation of Icelandic language skills but, at the same time, it is important to support their parents and encourage them to use and maintain their native tongue. Modurmal – the Association on Bilingualism supports parents and has native language classes in various languages for young children.