Preschool fee discounts

Applications for discounts on preschool fees are processed through Vala when a child starts preschool. You can apply for a discount for various reasons. Please note that the applicant must have the same legal residence as the child. The discount also applies to private preschools and day parents. Discounts are not applied retroactively, see however the exception in Article 6.

Am I eligible for a preschool fee discount?

You may be eligible for a discount for your child if

  • Both parents (married or cohabiting) are in full-time education.
  • You are a single parent.
  • You have a disability or receives a rehabilitation pension from the Social Insurance Administration.
  • You work in a Reykjavík preschool in more than a 50% position.
  • You have two or more children in a preschool within the city. This discount is calculated automatically and does not need to be applied for.
  • Your child cannot attend preschool for an extended period due to illness.

Do I need to renew the application?

Applications for discounts need to be renewed regularly, usually in August each year. Information notifications about discounts are sent twice a year.

Those who have an approved application for a preschool fee discount pay according to fee category II in the preschool fee schedule.

Sibling discount

Sibling discounts are automatically calculated for children with the same legal residence. This discount applies across preschool, primary school, and after-school programs. Sibling discount on stay fees is 100% for each child beyond the first. Sibling discounts on food are 100% for every child after the first two.

Illness discount

If your child is ill for four consecutive weeks or longer, you can apply for up to a 50% discount on preschool fees. A medical certificate must be provided.

Please note that you will need to claim the discount within 3 months from when the child has recovered from the illness. Parents are responsible for informing the Department of Education & Youth when their child returns to preschool.

Single-parent discount

People registered as single parents with Registers Iceland are entitled to a discount.

Upon separation or end of cohabitation, a discount is granted from the date the application is received. Information about the change in marital status must be recorded at Registers Iceland.

The application must be renewed annually by August 15th.

Disability discount

A discount is granted for disability or rehabilitation pension from the Social Insurance Administration. An application must be accompanied by either a copy of the disability certificate confirming at least 75% disability or a confirmation from the Social Insurance Administration for the period of the rehabilitation pension.

Employee discount

Reykjavík City preschool staff in at least a 50% position is entitled to a discount on their children's preschool fees.

You can apply for a discount for a child in full-day care if you are in a 70% position and for a child in half-day care if you are in a 50% position.

How can we help?

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