Fees and subsidies

The City of Reykjavík subsidizes fees for preschool stays. You pay in proportion to how long your child stays in preschool per day, as well as a portion of the meal cost.

Preschool fee payments

Preschool fees are paid according to the fee schedule. They are collected in advance with a bill through online banking. The due date of preschool fees is the first of each month, and the final due date is 30 days later.

Preschool closure

Preschool fees are payable eleven months a year. If your child's preschool is closed for any reason for an extended period of time, preschool fees are not charged for that period of time.

Discount on preschool fees

Students, single parents, people with disabilities, and staff of Reykjavík City preschools are given a discount on the preschool fee. Discounts are also given for a child's illness and if two or more siblings go to preschool in Reykjavík. The discount also applies to private preschools.


What happens if I don't pay the preschool fees?

The collection procedure for defaults is according to the City of Reykjavík's collection rules. If the preschool fees are still unpaid ten days after the final due date, the payer will be sent a payment reminder. If a bill has not been paid 50 days after the due date, it will be transferred to a debt collection agency (I. “milliinnheimta”). Once a bill has been sent to a collection agency, the debt can be negotiated there. If a bill has not been paid to the debt collection agency, legal action (I. “löginnheimta”) is taken to collect the amount due 120 days from the due date.

The cost of mailing payment reminders and the debt collection is added in addition to the late-payment interest calculated on the principal amount of a receivable from the due date until the payment date.

Termination of a preschool stay

The City of Reykjavík reserves the right to terminate the children and parents' preschool placement agreement if payment has not been received 110 days from the due date. It does not matter that the claim does not concern the child in question if the claim fulfills the above conditions, that is it is over 110 days old or the payment agreement has not been complied with. Termination takes effect at the end of the month and the notice period is one month.

In the event that a child who has begun preschool does not go to its preschool for two months, the child's preschool placement agreement may be terminated. Termination takes place on the 1st or 15th of each month, and the notice period is one month.

Would you prefer a payment slip?

The due date of preschool fees is the first of each month, and the final due date is 30 days later.

If you prefer to have a payment slip sent, please contact the Reykjavík City Service Center at Borgartún 12-14 or by phone at 411 1111.