Reykjavík City employees are happy at work


Two waste management employees pull bins marked with the city's logo, with snow outside.

A new employee survey among Reykjavík City staff shows 87% of employees are satisfied with their jobs. Overall, the employees view Reykjavík City as a good and ambitious workplace, noted for its strong reputation and positive work environment.

The City participated in the 'Institution of the Year' survey, which was conducted last October and November. The survey was sent out to over 33,000 participants, with 16,945 responding, including 5,237 from Reykjavík City employees.

Overall, the survey results are very positive, showing improvements in all areas for the City. 87% of Reykjavík City employees feel good about their jobs, 90% believe all employees are treated equally regardless of age, gender, origin, sexual orientation, or philosophical views, and 85% are proud of their workplace.

Employees of Reykjavík City seem satisfied with the management at their workplace. 80% believe their workplace is well-managed, 83% have full trust in their managers, and 84% feel they receive support and encouragement from their immediate supervisor. Furthermore, 66% of the employees are happy with the shortening of the workweek.

Lóa Birna Birgisdóttir, the Director of Human Resources & Work Environments, says the survey results provide good insight into employees' attitudes toward Reykjavík City. "Reykjavík City has systematically used the results of opinion polls in recent years to identify strengths and challenges in the work environment and management of workplaces, and the results show it has paid off. It is important to continue on this path, and there are definite opportunities to create an even better work environment for talented and ambitious employees serving the city's residents."

Reykjavík City has regularly measured employees' attitudes towards the work environment, communication, and management styles since 2005. The results will be presented to each city workplace.

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