Free and diverse fall break activities

School and recreation

Children looking at the map of Iceland in Tjarnarsalur at City Hall.

Reykjavík's recreation centers and cultural venues offer a variety of events and exhibits during the fall break, starting in the City's primary schools tomorrow. Adults will get free admission when accompanied by children, so everyone should be able to find something fun to break up the routine.

Mask making, karaoke, and other fun-filled activities

Fall break in Reykjavík's primary schools runs from October 26 to 30, with a diverse and exciting selection of events, exhibits, and workshops. At the recreation centers, there's a wide range of activities available, like Halloween fun, climbing, cycling, orienteering, crafts, and outdoor grilling.

The City's art museums will also be open and will additionally offer fun art workshops, presentations, and guidance. The City libraries will also feature a range of fun activities. Examples include a fish watercolor painting workshop, Halloween mask making, karaoke, Drag Story Hour, making buttons, storytime, and various challenges.

Dagskrá í haustfríi 2023