Primary school, grades 1–10

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Is your child starting primary school?

On this page, you will find useful information about starting primary school. As, for example, what the children have to take with them to school and whether the children will get food during school hours.

Árbæjarskóli school calendar

Here is the school calendar for Árbæjarskóli. The school calendar lists the planning days as well as other important information for parents and guardians.

Primary School Meals

Most primary school students take part in the lunch program. The cost of school meals is the same at all schools. And, you do not need to pay for school lunch for more than two children from the same household.

About Árbæjarskóli

Árbæjarskóli is one of the largest primary schools in Iceland, located in the unique environment of Elliðaárdalur. The school boasts a rich history of over 50 years. From 1956 to 1966, the school operated in a community center in Árbæjarblettur, teaching in three divisions. In the autumn of 1967, the school moved to a new building with 421 students.

Today, Árbæjarskóli is a primary school for grades 1 to 10. The school has a single-session schedule and 700 students. The school is an consolidated school for adolescents when students from Árbæjarskóli, Ártúnsskóli, and Selásskóli transfer there. About 100 employees work at the school in a variety of positions for the benefit of the students.

The management team consists of the school principal, two assistant principals, two heads of division, student council, and school council.

Töfrasel After-School Program is for children in 1st to 4th grade at Árbæjarskóli, and Tían Youth Center offers a variety of fun activities for children and adolescents.

School activities

Lotuskiptingar list- og verkgreina

Hér má sjá lotuskiptingar í list og verkgreinum 1. - 8. bekk. 

Operational plan

What's ahead for Árbæjarskóli? You can find several items in the operational plan, including the school's policy for the previous year, teaching planning, and much more. 

School council

Primary schools must have an active school council that serves as a forum for consultation between the principal and the school community on the school operation. The School Council participates in shaping policy for the school and defining its unique character.

Árbæjarskóli School Council 2022–2023:

Administrators’ representative:

Guðlaug Sturlaugsdóttir, Principal

Teachers’ representatives:

Andri Már Magnason  

María Sigurðardóttir

Steinunn Arnórsdóttir 

Staff representative: 

Elín Sif Welding Hákonardóttir

Parent representatives:  

Andri Már Sigurðsson 

Ásta Katrín Hannesdóttir

Student representatives:

Helga Hrund Ólafsdóttir, Grade 10

Ólafur Gunnarsson Flóvenz, Grade 8


Local community representative  Hörður Guðjónsson, Fylkir,

Representative from Ársel Recreation Center,  Bjarni Þórðarson,

Parent cooperation

We are all in this together, and as the proverb goes it takes a village to raise a child. Reykjavík City schools make targeted efforts to consult with and increase parent involvement in school activities. Every Reykjavík City school has an active parent association.

Árbæjarskóli boasts an active parent association, working to support the school's efforts, enhance student welfare, and reinforce connections between homes and schools. Each school's parent association defines its own rules of operation, including the election process for its board and the selection of representatives to the school council.

Board of the Parent Association:


Email : foreldrafelarb@gmail.com

Undanþága frá skólasókn

Hér má nálgast beiðni um leyfi í 3-5 daga fyrir nemendur.

Hér má nálgast beiðni um leyfi sem er umfram eina viku. 

Árbæjarskóli school district

Reykjavík has many school districts, and the child's registered address determines their district school. Your child gets priority in their district school. Nevertheless, all parents have the choice to apply to any school in the city for their children according to the rules on school districts, applications, and admission. Here is information on which streets belong to Árbæjarskóli's school district.