People With Disabilities


People with disabilities can receive support to lead independent and meaningful lives on their own terms as active members of society. The CoR is guided by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (SRFF) in the provision of services to persons with disabilities. It includes recognition of the diversity of human life and the enjoyment of human rights by people with disabilities on an equal footing with others.

Support services for people with disabilities

Support services meet people in their place of life and take place where they are most appropriate, whether they are in their home, out of home, or through electronic solutions. People are supported in implementing the goals of the program and how it is carried out. People are supported in implementing the goals of the program and how it is carried out.

Housing for people with disabilities

It's important that people who want to live in their own home have the opportunity to make that dream come true. Disabled people can obtain housing for which they pay an affordable rental price, as well as receive appropriate support appropriate to their needs.

Driving services for people with disabilities

Older people who cannot make use of public transport or their own vehicle can get a driving service.


If you need to get out to a store, a party, or a doctor, the Driving Service is here for you.


The goal of the program is that people can go on their trips at the time of their choice.


Asked and answered about Driving Services for People with Disabilities?


Occupation and functionality

Employment is a major and important part of people's lives. Many people with disabilities possess valuable experience and knowledge that can be used in a variety of jobs, but sometimes they require assistance or working facilities, accessibility, working hours and tasks that meet their needs, generally called reasonable accommodations.

User-driven Personal Assistance (NPA)

NPA is based on the philosophy of independent living. Disabled people with NPAs themselves control the organization of the program, decide what assistance is provided, how it is organized, and who provides it.