Selecting a day parent

Placing your child in day care for the first time is a big step, so it is important to make a careful decision and to thoroughly consider the circumstances. Day parents look after children from the age of six months and do important care and parenting work.


Ask to visit while children are in day care—this way you can assess the facilities and make an informed decision.

Give yourself plenty of time to look at the facilities and talk to the day parents about the day care. Assess the facilities and conditions. Look at play spaces, toy options, sleeping facilities, and if the space feels friendly.

Ask questions

Give yourself time to talk to the day parents about the day care. It may be helpful to ask the following questions:

  • What do you do for children to adapt?
  • How is the day organized?
  • Do the children go outside?
  • What is on the menu?

Facilities and conditions

Assess the facilities and conditions. Consider the following:

  • Is there enough play space?
  • Do the premises feel friendly and have good toy options?
  • Are there hangers for children's bags and clothing?
  • What are the sleeping facilities like?

Permit letters and payments

Licensed day parents have been issued a permit letter stating the validity of the permit and the number of permitted children. It is important to review the permit letter.

Each day parent sets their own fee schedule. During the visit, please inquire about the following regarding payments:

  • How much does the day care cost?
  • What is included in the full cost?
  • What is the payment arrangement like?
  • How are refunds made if day parents and/or their children are ill, as well as when the day parents take other time off?
  • Does the day parent have a separate agreement with regard to the arrangements for payments and their time off?

If a day parent has a separate agreement/policy on payments and day care arrangements, it is a good idea to compare it to the Rules on Home-Based Child Subsidies.

List of day parents

You can see a list of working day parents by neighborhood.