Quality and supervision

Day parents operate independently, but Reykjavík City oversees daycare. The operations are monitored and there are three unannounced supervisory visits per year to each workplace.

Quality standards

There are quality standards for daycare based on regulations for home daycare. These are intended for both parents and day parents. Day parents can use them to organize their work or assess where their daycare stands.

Parents can use the standards to better understand the goals of home daycare and what aspects are important to consider when looking for a day parent. Reykjavík City oversees the operations of day parents. Part of the supervision includes supervisory visits in addition to reviewing safety issues, equipment, and the number of children.

Inappropriate conditions

If something in the daycare concerns you, it is important to provide feedback and comments to the day parent or day care advisor at the South Center, Breiðholt.

If you believe that children's conditions are inappropriate, both parents and day parents should report this to Child Protection. You can request anonymity.