Becoming a Day Parent

Do you want to become a day parent? The City of Reykjavik grants work permits to day parents and carries out supervision of activities.

How do I become a day parent?

You will apply to the appropriate Reykjavik City Service Center to undergo a course on rights and responsibilities at the Hafnarfjordur Continuing Education Center when the course is advertised.

Can everyone become a day parent?

It is not so simple!

There are several conditions that must be met in order to obtain a work permit.


Do you meet the following criteria?

Be at least 20 years old

Please note that if you are 65 years of age or older, you will only be given a permit for one year at a time.

Basic training

Have completed a basic training course organized in collaboration with Hafnarfjordur Continuing Education Center or have other education in the fields of teaching, parenting, and/or social studies.

Medical certificates

Return a medical certificate for you and your family.

Criminal record

Submit a criminal record for you and members of your family over 18 years of age.

Fire prevention

Return a certificate from the Office of Fire Prevention (I. “Eldvarnaeftirlitið”).


Submit a recommendation from the last employer or a recommendation from two responsible people.

Tobacco prevention

Respect the Tobacco Control Act. Smoking and the use of other intoxicants are not permitted during the children's stay.

Play space

Provide at least 3 square meters of indoor play space for each child.

Outdoor facilities

Provide adequate and hazard-free outdoor facilities.

Accident insurance

Purchase accident insurance within one month of getting your license.