Preschool with a nursery division

Grænahlíð 24 / Stakkahlíð 19
105 Reykjavík


About the preschool

Bjartahlíð is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Bjartahlíð preschool was created by the merging of two preschools: Hamraborg and Sólbakki. At the Bjartahlíð joint preschool, there are 116 children divided into six groups. The groups Holt and Hlíð are for children aged 12 months to 3 years. Furuhlíð (3 years old), Birkihlíð (4 years old), Reynihlíð (4-5 years old), and Grenihlíð (5-6 years old). There are 30 employees.

The Preschool Director is Arndís Bjarnadóttir


Bjartahlíð Preschool

Want to know more about Bjartahlíð? In this very short video, we give a glimpse of the preschool activities. It was made by Erla Stefánsdóttir and Antonía Lárusdóttir for the Department of Education & Youth. 


The guiding principles of Bjartahlíð are joy, cooperation, and positivity


At Bjartahlíð, we focus on creating a democratic and inspiring society and use diverse methods to promote the comprehensive development of children in play and work. The professional work of the preschool gives the main consideration to the ideology of Reggio Emilia. In addition, the science game has had a major impact on preschool activities. This type of learning is done through play. 

Preschool activities

Operational plan

Here is the operational plan for the academic year 2022-2023 There you can find the school's internal and external evaluations for the last year, along with an improvement plan, the preschool calendar, and more.

School curriculum

The curriculum for Bjartahlíð is being prepared

Do you want to know more about the philosophy and daily operations of Bjartahlíð? In the school curriculum, you'll find detailed information about the school's philosophical emphasis and approach to play, learning, and work. 

Parent partnerships

We are all in this together, and as the proverb goes it takes a village to raise a child. Reykjavík City preschools make targeted efforts to consult with and increase parent involvement in preschool activities. All Reykjavík City preschools have parent associations and parent councils. 


The Center for Bjartahlíð

Bjartahlíð Preschool falls under West Center. West Center provides a wide range of services to the residents of Vesturbær, Miðborg, and Hlíðar and is a comprehensive information source for municipal services. The Center provides welfare services, school services to preschool and primary schools, day care and recreational counseling, and various other services.  


Photos from Bjartahlíð