Bridging the Gap

The action plan Bridging the Gap, approved by City Council in November 2018, aims to increase the number of preschool spaces.

The plan lasts until the end of 2026 and primarily involves the construction of new preschools, as well as extensions to older preschools, new preschool groups, and an increase in the number of children in private preschools. On this page, you can see the projects that have been confirmed and are in progress. New projects will be added as they are decided.



Preschool construction


Please note that the planned dates may change, as factors such as access to resources, the consequences of the pandemic, and global hostilities may affect the construction progress. Furthermore, recruitment may affect the timing regarding children's admission.
Miðborgarleikskóli opnar við Njálsgötu árið 2023
Miðborgarleikskóli, will be located on Njálsgata

New preschools

Several new preschools to open across the city until 2026.

Preschool expansion

Bridging the Gap involves the expansion of preschools with extensions and new preschool divisions throughout the city.

Leikskólinn Laugasól
Laugasól Preschool is one of the preschools that will be expanded.
eikskólinn Maríuborg
A new group will be opened at Maríuborg by Maríubaugur

Nineteen new preschool divisions

Seven new preschool groups and twelve specially designed nursery groups will be opened by the end of 2025.


What changes?

In total, the plan involves opening numerous new preschools between 2018 and 2026 and increasing both the number of preschool groups and extensions to existing preschools in Reykjavík. Bridging the Gap includes so-called Adventure Cities or Ævintýraborgir in four locations in Reykjavík, accommodating 340 children. Additionally, there will be a significant increase in spaces at private preschools. In total, the number of preschool spaces in the city will increase by about 2,000 between 2019 and 2026 according to this plan.