Primary school, grades 1–6

Kirkjuteigur 24
105 Reykjavík


Laugarnesskóli school calendar

Here is the school calendar for Laugarnesskóli. The school calendar lists the planning days as well as other important information for parents and guardians.

What’s on the menu?

Most primary school students take part in the lunch program. The cost of school meals is the same at all schools. And, you do not need to pay for school lunch for more than two children from the same household. Here, you can see what's on offer in the cafeteria of Laugarnesskóli.

About Laugarnesskóli

Laugarnesskóli is located at Kirkjuteigur 24 in Reykjavík and is a single-session primary school for children in 1st-6th grade. The school’s motto is joy for life, learning, cooperation, care, and desire. The school is located at the outskirts of Laugardalur and it's very close to the swimming pools, Reykjavík Family Park & Zoo, the Botanical Gardens, Laugardalshöll Arena, Laugardalsvöllur Stadium, the skating rink, and the Þróttur/Ármann sport area. Laugarnesskóli and Laugalækjarskóli together form the Laugarneshverfi district primary school; one offers primary education and the other lower secondary education.

Laugarsel after-school program is for children in 1st and 2nd grade and Dalheimar joint after-school program is for students in 3rd and 4th grade at Laugarnesskóli and Langholtsskóli. 

Principal: Sigríður Heiða Bragadóttir.

Assistant Principal is Björn Gunnlaugsson

Is your child starting school?

On this page, you will find useful information about starting primary school. As, for example, what the children have to take with them to school and whether the children will get food during school hours.


Operational plan

What's ahead for Laugarnesskóli? You can find several items in the operational plan, including the school's policy for the previous year, teaching planning, and much more.

School curriculum

Do you want to know more about the philosophy and daily operations of Laugarnesskóli? In the school curriculum, you'll find detailed information about the school's philosophical emphasis and approach to learning and work. 

Parent cooperation

We are all in this together, and as the proverb goes it takes a village to raise a child. Reykjavík City schools make targeted efforts to consult with and increase parent involvement in school activities. Every Reykjavík City school has an active parent association.

Laugarnesskóli school district

There are several school districts in Reykjavík and each child has priority in their district school. Nevertheless, all parents have the choice to apply to any school in the city for their children according to the rules on school districts, applications, and admission. Here is information on which streets belong to Laugarnesskóli's school district.

Building condition of Laugarnesskóli

The engineering firm Efla prepared a condition survey for Laugarnesskóli's buildings on September 22, 2022. The inspection revealed various moisture-related problems in the buildings, which might not come as a surprise, considering the building's age is close to 90 years old. Part of the school property is protected and maintenance measures must take this into account. Core samples taken show that mold is present in various places in the building.

Following recommendations from Efla experts and the Reykjavík City Public Health Authority, countermeasures are being implemented to improve indoor conditions in the school until more extensive construction can be done. Among countermeasures are relocations within the school, reparations to class rooms, the installation of air purifying devices, and special infection cleaning.

It will be a major project to undertake the necessary renovation of this historical and protected building, so all constructions need to be extremely well prepared. That work had already begun, and as soon as repairs for moisture damage get underway, the building will be upgraded to meet modern demands concerning accessibility, teaching methods, acoustics, energy use, security, and ventilation.

The report and the construction will be presented to parents in a public meeting on March 23, 2023.