C40 – Reinventing Cities

Reykjavík City participates in international cooperation of cities working to make cities sustainable and green in the fight against climate change and the challenges they pose. The association is called C40 and represents an international competition for the development of areas under the name Reinventing Cities. The project has been called “Grænar þróunarlóðir” or Green Development Plots in Icelandic.

Projects at Frakkastígur, Lágmúli, and Ártúnshöfði

The first competition that Reykjavík participated in was introduced in 2017 when it was decided to offer plots at Frakkastígur/Skúlagata, Ártúnshöfði, and Lágmúli 2/Suðurlandsbraut.

 Development is underway on a plot at Ártúnshöfði as well as a plot at Lágmúli, where an environmentally friendly house made of timber will be constructed and the geothermal energy underneath the plot used for sustainability.

Projects in Gufunes and Sævarhöfði

Plots are being developed in a competition by C-40 in Gufunes and Sævarhöfði. The project at Sævarhöfði involves finding a new and greener role for the 40-meter high towers located in a former Björgun operation area.

Project for university students in Austurberg and Gerðuberg

In December 2020, university students were invited to provide ideas for a specific area in Austurberg and Gerðuberg in Upper Breiðholt.