The purpose of the city's walking and biking trails system is to allow residents and guests to travel by bike or on foot around the city in a safe, fun, and eco-friendly way. Reykjavík aims to become a world-class cycling city. It is then essential that people can look to bikes as their first choice when it comes to their mode of travel.

Bicycling schedule


wheels of rid ­ers programme of the CoR is a means of boosting the wheels of rid ­ers and the development of rid ­ ersinfrastructure. Increasing the share of bikes favours agility, has a beneficial effect on the environment, public health and quality of life, and creates a better city.

Objective of the project

The goal of the Cycling Programme is to increase the share of cycling in trips in the city, but it aims to achieve at least 10% of all trips in the city by 2025.


The Cycling Programme sets out a vision for the cycling city of Reykjavik with measurable targets up to 2025 and the activities and actions to be undertaken during the period. Investments in new cycling infrastructure in are proposed to be a minimum of five billion over the period. The plan is based on four over-targets, all of which have measurable sub-targets.


Total maps are no longer issued in paper form, but maps of coloured key routes have been made in the capital. Maps to help pedestrians find their way around the city, too.

It is worth recalling that pedestrians are a priority on mixed paths.

Snow clearing

When snow falls or slippages develop in Reykjavík, work is carried out according to the winter service contingency plan and snow shifts take place. Situations are routinely monitored and manpower called out as required.

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