Digital Growth is a project linked to the Green Plan and the Reykjavik Education Policy. It was launched to accelerate the IT introduction in the City's primary schools. In the first phase of the project, students in upper primary school are lent learning devices.

The Reykjavik Education Policy is future oriented and focused on using digital technologies to enrich education and provide children with a wide range of opportunities for creativity and expression.

1:1 Devices For Students

1:1 means that each student is provided with their own learning device for use.

The learning device increases the possibilities of learning and prepares students for the topics of the future. It also ensures multiple forms of support for learning, actively promotes knowledge exploration, supports more diverse project work and creative submissions.

The devices come with responsibilities about the treatment of equipment, the use of software and communication methods. The Department of Education and Youth (SFS) has prepared terms of use for the equipment and its approval is a prerequisite for students to take the equipment home. The terms have been translated into English and Polish. You can find the terms for approval on My Pages. Have your electronic ID available.

Google Workspace for Education

All students will have access to Google Workspace for Education. Note that the student account is not comparable to a Google personal account.

The system is closed and specifically designed for schools and the domain is A risk assessment has been carried out and all data is stored in Europe. Google does not read about student trips, and they are not shown advertising.

In Google Workspace for Education, teachers create classrooms and upload course-related documents, and students submit assignments.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

The adoption of digital technologies in school and recreational settings requires a risk assessment.
The following questions need to be answered: What data is processed? Where is the data stored? Can it be deleted? Are any advertisements related to the usage?

Managers at each location are responsible for informing parents about what technology is used in the school setting and how it is used.

Stafræn borgaravitund

Stafræn borgaravitund (e. digital citizenship) að vera stafrænn borgari, er að hafa þekkingu, færni og viðhorf sem þarf til að sýna ábyrga og virðingarverða hegðun þegar tækni er notuð. Við innleiðingu námstækja í skólum borgarinnar eru allir hvattir til að skerpa á góðum netvenjum.

Good to Know

Hvað er Chromebók?

Chromebooks are laptops with the Chromium OS operating system that you can log in to using a Google user account. You can only log in with an user account in Reykjavik City Chomebooks.

A Chromebook is a computer you work on exclusively in the Google Workspace, which means students can work on the computer either at school or at home. Most students in youth leagues from Lenovo use the Chromebook e300.

Hvað er iPad?

iPad er spjaldtölva með iOS stýrikerfinu frá Apple og er spjaldinu stýrt með Lightspeed stjórnunarkerfi fyrir spjaldtölvur.

Nemendur fá afhentar 9. kynslóð tækjanna í sterku hulstri sem hentar vel fyrir grunnskólanemendur ásamt hleðslukubbi og snúru. 

Spjöldin eru með góðri myndavél með möguleikum til myndvinnslu.

Mikið er til af smáforritum sem henta vel í kennslu meðal annars Google smáforritin.

Gögn og aðgangur

It is important to note that the Google Workspace account for school students is not identical to the Google Personal Account. Students will be assigned a username that gives them access to the Google school environment. That email address has the extension @ and they can log into any device, such as the computer at home.

  • The student's account and associated data are protected so that they cannot be seen by other users. That is why a student must make a decision to share documents if they are to be seen by other users.
  • Google Workspace does not own the student's data. A student is always entitled to documents and data they keep in the school's Google Workspace environment. If a student leaves school, the account and the associated data will be automatically deleted, taking into account that some of the data may be subject to submission to the City Archives pursuant to the Public Archives Act No. 77/2014.
  • Google Workspace is free of all advertising. It is therefore clear that the student's data is not used for purposes other than schooling - neither for marketing nor for resale to third parties.

Hvernig get ég stutt við barn mitt?

  • Be curious about what it is doing in the digital school environment.
  • View the digital schoolrooms and the content contained therein, course documentation and project work. Their work there is less visible when online.
  • Remind your child to charge the Chromebook every day. It may be a good idea to have a shared charging station in your home where appliances are charged.
  • Assist it in taming the rule of always putting the computer in the school bag.
  • Sharpen good network practices.
  • More about good online practices
  • Parents/preschoolers can ask teachers to put themselves on a mailing list to receive weekly task status information from Google Classroom.

Hvað ef tölvan týnist eða skemmist?

Contact the school immediately. No one intends to lose or damage equipment, but the accidents can happen. Parents/guardians are not required to pay for damages unless the damages are intentional.