Community centers

There are many community centres working in Reykjavik. There are many community centres working in Reykjavik. They are either operational in the premises of primary schools or outside them. Opening hours mostly follow the year of operation of the primary schools. During the summer, the main focus is on group work and opening hours are advertised separately.

Community centers in

The community centres offer constructive social activities for 10–16 year olds and teenagers in their spare time. Efforts are being made to reach out to those adolescents in need of social support and to offer a wide range of topics. Work is carried out in clubs, specific group work, open work and temporary assignments. Details of the opening hours of the community centres are available on their websites.

Specific Recreational Activities

Four community centres offer specific work for disabled children and adolescents; Box, Cave, Temple and Palace. It opens after the end of the school day or from 8:30am-4:00pm every weekday. Then it is open during school holidays from 08:00–17:00, but closed during winter holidays. Specific recreational activities are applied on the Vala recreation website.


Youth Democracy

The community centre work is based on the philosophy of youth democracy, which is supposed to ensure their impact on the work. The frameworks of juvenile democracy are the national legislation, the decisions of the city authorities and the budget of the social welfare centre.

Every community centre employs youth councils that shape the subject of a passing moment and are advocates for the adolescents. Prevention among adolescents, with regard to smoking, drugs and bullying, is a snap aspect of the work and is focused on strengthening their positive self-image and promoting healthy lifestyles. The social work of teenagers in grades 8-10 is supported in primary schools of