Building Permits


The Reykjavik City Building Commissioner is responsible for approving and issuing building permits for construction in Reykjavik.

A building permit must be applied for regarding any project requiring a building permit under regulations on construction. Such is the case when a foundation needs to be excavated or a structure needs to be erected, demolished, or relocated. This is also the case when a structure, its foundation, piping, or wiring, needs to be modified and when the structure’s use, appearance, or form are to be modified.

Building Permit Application

The application for a building permit has two parts. First, you need approval that the construction plans (master blueprint) meet all the legal requirements required for the works. Second, the construction permit is issued and the building permit is granted, once the responsible person for the construction (construction manager and master craftsman) has been registered and the imposed fees have been paid. Please note that prior to the start of the construction work, approved special blueprints for the structure and implementation of the project must be available.

An approved building permit application merely states whether the plans for the project implementation meet the legal requirements. It does not authorize the execution of works, in order to do so a formally issued building permit must be available.

Before Applying

It is good to check whether a building permit is required for the planned project. A homeowner or lot holder may submit a formal inquiry prior to the start of the design process to determine whether a permit is likely to be obtained for a particular project.

Fee Schedule

The so-called minimum fee for handling an application should be paid. Information on fees can be found in the Building Commissioner’s fee schedule.


Application Process

An application is considered at a processing meeting that is usually held every Tuesday. Generally, it takes employees of the Office of the Building Commissioner and reviewers five working days to go through the documentation of an application. The Building Commissioner’s processing meetings are generally held every Tuesday that is not on a holiday.

How do I get a building permit issued?

A building permit is issued on the condition that all relevant work blueprints must be provided, approved, and signed by the Building Commissioner before the start of the works on the project in question.