Áður en sótt er um byggingarleyfi

Áður en farið er í framkvæmdir er gott að athuga hvort sækja þurfi um byggingarleyfi, til dæmis með því að senda inn fyrirspurn til byggingarfulltrúa. Það margborgar sig líka að byrja snemma að tala við fagaðila (hönnuð) til að fá ráðleggingar og aðstoð vegna fyrirhugaðra framkvæmda.

When is a building permit required?

A building permit is generally required for all new constructions, additions, and changes to appearance, load-bearing systems, and piping systems. Building permits are also needed for demolition or relocation of buildings.

When is a building permit not required?

Building permits are not required for various minor construction projects. 

For example:

  • General indoor and outdoor maintenance.
  • Maintenance of lots, fences, parking spaces, and driveways.
  • Decks and hot tubs
  • Protective walls and fences up to certain limits.
  • Small buildings up to 15 square meters in size.

Inquiries to the Building Commissioner

The property owner or lot holder can submit a formal inquiry before the design process begins to determine if it's likely that a building permit will be granted for the project. Final designs do not need to accompany the inquiry, which saves design costs if it turns out that the proposed construction does not comply with laws and regulations.


Inquiries are addressed at the Building Commissioner's Permit Review Meetings on Tuesdays. The inquiry must be submitted five working days before the meeting.


Please note that a response to an inquiry does not grant permission for construction. A building permit application is required for that.

Who can apply for a building permit?

Property owners and lot holders, or a design manager on their behalf, can apply for a building permit. Property owners are responsible for hiring a legally authorized design manager who oversees and is responsible for ensuring that design documents are available and in the correct format. The design manager is usually the party responsible for all communication with the Building Commissioner's office when applying for a building permit.

Where can I obtain copies of blueprints?

You can find all the main master plans of buildings in Reykjavík on the city's blueprint archive

Copies of blueprints can be obtained for a fee by contacting the city's service center. Unfortunately, they do not accept online requests for blueprints.

How can we help?

Do you need further assistance or didn't find what you were looking for?

  • Inquiries and suggestions can be sent to the Building Commissioner's email: byggingarfulltrui@reykjavik.is
  • The City's Service Center can help with general inquiries by phone at 411 1111, via online chat, and through email at info@reykjavik.is

Inquiries and suggestions can be sent to the Building Commissioner's email: byggingarfulltrui@reykjavik.is