Building Commissioner fee schedule

From January 01, 2024


Article 1. Building code audits Price in kr.
Phase evaluation 15,400
Status audit 27,000
Final audit, small scale 30,800
Final audit, medium scale 53,900
Final audit, large scale 77,000
Sample inspection for phase evaluations 15,400
Construction manager change audit 30,800
Residential inspection services 30,800


Article 2. Issuance of certificates Price in kr.
Weathertightness certification 38,500
Certificate of status audit 27,000
Certificate of final audit 27,000
Status permit 24,700

Inspection fees

Article 3. Inspection fees for application and review of master plans Price in kr.
Minimum fee upon receipt of application 15,400
Each master plan included with an application:
(a) Small scope, such as minor changes to structures and grounds with changes in appearance or arrangement, balcony enclosures, balconies, attics, house cladding, etc. 3,900
(b) Medium scope, such as a smaller extension or new construction of a detached, semi-detached, or row house or a smaller multi-dwelling building, together with a registration table or changes in the arrangements 7,700

(c) Large scope, such as new construction of larger structures, more extensive changes to the internal structure of commercial buildings, or larger projects which also require an inspection by the Planning Officer, provided that the project is not covered by point (a) or (b)

Re-application of an expired building permit 15,400
Additional charge for each third review 15,400

Inspection fees for detail plans

Article 4 Inspection fees for reviewing detail plans Price in kr.
Detached, semi-detached, and row houses and multi-dwelling building up to 2,000 m³ 115,500
For other housing, including commercial buildings and livestock housing up to 2,000 m³ 161,700
For every 1,000 m³ of buildings in excess of 2,000 m³.
(a) Simple buildings, such as barns, shelters, warehouses, gymnasiums, livestock housing, etc. 23,100
(b) Traditional buildings, such as shops and offices, multi-dwelling buildings, hotels, etc. 38,500
(c) Specialized buildings, such as health care buildings, culture or research buildings, etc. 53,900
Other smaller buildings, such as extensions, garages, lobbies, solariums, etc. 38,500
Small changes to the internal layout of commercial buildings 61,600
Extensive changes to the internal layout of commercial buildings 123,200
Changes to the internal layout of a separate house, house cladding, balcony enclosure, plot, etc. 23,100

Inspection fees for declarations of property division

Article 5. Inspection fees for the review of declarations of property division Price in kr.
(a) 2-5 properties 46,200
b) 5-15 properties 61,600
c) 15-50 properties 77,000
d) 50 properties or more 92,400
Additional charge for each third review 15,400

Inspection fees for electrical plans

Article 6. Inspection fees for the review of electrical plans Price in kr.
Residential housing:
Detached, semi-detached, and row houses 1x63 A 20,800
Multi-dwelling buildings with up to 10 apartments:
Mains supply 3x 63A, base fee 20,800
Per apartment 1,100
Larger multi-family housing:
Mains supply 3x 100-200A, base fee 20,800
Per apartment 2,700
Commercial properties:
Mains supply 3 x 63A 30,800
Mains supply 3 x 100-200A 82,500
Mains supply 3 x 315A and larger 137,500

Article 7.

If the design of a structure is particularly difficult and/or extensive, a building commissioner can decide when processing a building permit application that an inspection office handles the review of design data and audits at the owner's expense for the construction in whole or in part, cf. provisions in Articles 3.3.1 and 3.3.2 of Building Regulation No. 112/2012.

Article 8.

This tariff which is established on the basis of Article 51 of the Building Act, No 160/2010, with subsequent amendments was confirmed by the Reykjavík City Council on September 21, 2023 and takes effect upon publication. The previously applicable fee schedule, No 1308/2022 expires at the same time.