Registration of a responsible party for a building permit

The registration of responsible parties is part of the process of obtaining a building permit. This includes registering the construction manager, the master tradesman, and the design manager's report. Registrations are online, and paper submissions are not accepted.

Where can I find the online registrations?

You can find them on My Pages of Reykjavík's website. There, you can fill out the registration forms without having to print anything and sign the documents electronically.

Information is obtained from the Housing and Construction Authority (HMS) credential registry (réttindagátt), so only individuals with the appropriate construction manager and master tradesman credentials can be registered.

Who can register responsible parties?

This registration takes place after the building plans have been approved. If you have not yet submitted a building permit application or received confirmation of plan approval, you can relax for now.

Once you have obtained plan approval, you can choose an individual to act as the construction manager on your behalf and register them online. The construction manager then registers the master tradesmen responsible for the work, and the design manager completes the design manager's report.

How do the registrations work?

The applicant logs in to My Pages using their electronic ID.

The appropriate registration form is filled out and sent for electronic signing with one click.

Registered parties receive an email notification where they can electronically sign the document. Please note that all parties must sign the document electronically for it to be submitted to the Building Commissioner.

Once all parties have signed, the registration is sent to the Building Commissioner. This registration is necessary to issue a building permit.

Can I change the registration once it has been submitted?

If there are changes to construction managers, master tradesmen, or designers, you must currently notify us in writing. We are working on also making this registration available online.

Did you know?

Approved building plans only indicate whether a potential construction project meets legal requirements. You cannot start construction immediately; you need a formally issued building permit.

Good to know about building permit registration

Where can I check if I have the appropriate credentials?

You can look up your national ID number (kennitala) in the HMS credential registry. If you do not see your information on the list, it is best to contact HMS directly at

Do I need to do anything else to obtain a building permit?

This registration is part of the process of obtaining a building permit. In addition, you must submit the appropriate documents and pay the fees. If you are unsure about the status of your application, you should contact the architect you have hired for the project.

What if I do not have an electronic ID?

You must have en electronic ID for these registrations. You can apply for digital credentials from banks, phone companies, or Auðkenni at Borgartún 31.

How can we help?

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  • Inquiries and suggestions can be sent to the Building Commissioner's email:
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Inquiries and suggestions can be sent to the Building Commissioner's email: