VoR Team

The VoR Team (on-site consulting team) assists people who are homeless and have substance abuse and mental health problems. The team provides individualized on-site advice and support.

How do I request the services of the VoR Team?

The VoR Team accepts requests for services from various entities, for example, from counselors at the welfare service centers, the Prison and Probation Administration, Frú Ragnheiður and others. You cannot apply for services directly from the Team.

What services are available?

The VoR Team works with people in emergency shelters, tiny houses and apartment complexes. In addition, the Team collaborates with counselors in welfare service centers and responds to situations when needed. The Team also provides support and advice to a certain group of people in independent living, in the spirit of the Housing First philosophy.

Where can I find out more?

  • The direct line for the VoR Team is 665 7600. The direct line is intended primarily for users to request service. Information on individual cases is not provided.
  • You can also find out more about the Team’s services at the Vesturbær, Miðborg and Hlíðar Service Center by calling 411 1600 or by emailing vmh@reykjavik.is or vor.teymid@reykjavik.is.