Housing for Homeless People

The City of Reykjavik owns housing for people with complex problems who receive the services of the VoR Team. These include rooming houses, apartment complexes, single and adjoining apartments, and tiny houses.

How do I apply for housing?

In most cases, you can apply for housing for homeless people from a counselor at a service center, or you can submit an application on My Pages or submit an application in PDF format to VELumsokn@reykjavik.is.

The allocation team for homeless people who need a lot of complex services lets the service centers know when housing becomes available. The allocation team holds allocation meetings to consider applications and the allocation takes place after the team's professional evaluation. Service center counselors are responsible for notifying applicants of allocation.

Single Apartments

Social housing rental units owned or under the custody of Felagsbustadir Social Housing that are specifically meant for individuals who are homeless and need a lot of complex services. Residents receive comprehensive, individualized support from the VoR Team in the form of home visits. The VoR Team assists in the activities of daily living to improve the individual’s quality of life and skills.

Adjacent apartments and rooms

Rooming houses and adjacent apartments are used to provide a residence and assistance for homeless people who need a lot of complex services to have an independent and meaningful life. These locations are under a 24-hour watch.

Tiny Houses

Tiny houses ensure a safe home around the clock for homeless people with addiction or mental health problems. People can get tiny houses for longer or shorter periods and will then no longer need to use short-term resources, such as emergency shelters.