Q&A on Preschools

Here you will find frequently asked questions and answers about preschool.

List of questions

Hvernig sæki ég um leikskóla?

You apply for a preschool electronically.

  • Apply for home support

Hvenær á ég að sækja um fyrir barnið mitt í leikskóla?

You enter your child on the waiting list at the age of one year and the children are ranked on the list by date and year of birth. You can apply for preschool from the date of birth of a child or as soon as your social security number has been registered.

Hvernig veit ég hvenær barnið mitt fær pláss?

You will receive an email when the preschool director offers a child a place in a preschool. The City of Reykjavik's rules assume that children who reach the age of 18 months on 1 September each year will receive an invitation to attend preschool that fall.

Hvenær er innritað í leikskóla?

Preschool is admitted throughout the year as space is freed up in preschools. Available playgrounds for next fall are allocated in the spring, most often in mid-March.

Hversu gömul eru börn þegar þau byrja í leikskóla?

It is assumed that children who reach the age of 18 months on 1 September of each year will receive an invitation to a preschool stay in the same autumn. Children with an agreed priority can start preschool at 12 months of age.

Hvað kostar að vera í leikskóla og hvað er innifalið í leikskólagjaldinu?

  • Fees

Eru einhverjir afslættir veittir af leikskólagjöldum?

Yes, you can apply for a discount if both parents are studying, one parent or both are microentrepreneurs, single parents and employees of a preschool in Reykjavik. Discounts must be applied at Vala Preschool and the relevant documentation must be submitted. Siblings discounts are granted in the city's school and recreational activities and are calculated automatically.

Hvað fær barnið mitt að borða í leikskólanum?

In the city's preschools, children receive daily breakfast, lunch and refreshments. The focus is on healthy foods that meet the GP's hygiene standards.

Hverjir hafa forgang að leikskóla?

Priority to preschool may be claimed for a child if special circumstances recommend. Priority applications should be submitted via a form and sent to the check-in address.

Priority to city preschools may be claimed for:

I. Operating costs Children who are 5 years old.

II. Conclusions Disabled children and children with defined developmental anomalies. A certificate from an authorized analyst shall be attached to this application.

III. Conclusions Children living in difficult social environments.

(a) Child protection issues. A certificate from the social security authority shall be attached to each application.

(b) Serious illness, serious disability or serious social difficulties in the child's family members.

A certificate from a doctor or other government body shall be attached to an application.

(c) Children of parents below the legal age (18 years).

(d) Children of single parents with three or more children brought forward and the eldest child not older than 9 years of age.

(e) Triplets.

Sections II, II and III above also apply to self-employed nurseries.

IV. Conclusions Children of staff in City of Reykjavik preschools. A preschool employee can apply for priority to the City of Reykjavik preschools for his or her child on an until made form. An employee must meet the requirements of Article 2 of the Rules for Preschool Services on the conditions of a preschool stay. The headmaster in the employee's preschool must confirm his/her application.

Ég bý ekki í Reykjavík, get ég samt sótt um leikskóla í Reykjavík?

Yes, you can apply for a preschool in Reykjavik and a child is listed on the waiting list. A child cannot start preservation in a preschool unless his or her legal residence is in Reykjavik.

Hvaða leikskólar eru í mínu hverfi?

You can see a list of all preschools in the city and group them by neighborhood. That way you can see which preschools are in your neighborhood.

Þarf ég að velja leikskóla í sama hverfi og ég bý í?

No, you can apply for a preschool in any neighborhood.

Get ég flutt barnið mitt á milli leikskóla?

Once a child has started conservation, they can apply for transfer to another preschool electronically.

Ef barnið mitt byrjar í sjálfstætt starfandi leikskóla er það ennþá á biðlista vegna leikskóla í Reykjavík?

When a child starts in a self-employed preschool, he or she falls off the waiting list in the city's preschools. Parents can apply for transportation to the city nursery electronically.

Hvaða leikskólar hafa ungbarnadeildir?

You can see a list of nurseries with infantry units.

  • See the list of Infantry units

Hver er vistunartími leikskóla?

Alment, the city's preschools are open from 7:30 a.m. to 4: 30 p.m./5:00 p.m. and children can be in preschool for 4-9 1/2 hours a day.

Hvað er dvalarsamningur?

Before the start of a child's preschool stay, the preschooler and the parents/guardians conclude an accommodation agreement. By signing, parents/guardians confirm that they have read the School and Recreation Charter and Preschool Program Policies and commit to abide by them at all times.

Er sumarfrí í leikskóla?

Children staying in city preschools take a minimum of twenty working days on summer leave. Fees will be forfeited during that time.

Eru önnur frí?

Preschools are closed six days a year for planning days. Three of them shall be at the same time as staff working days or students' days off in primary schools, while the other three may be either half days or whole days. Preschool fees are not reduced as a result.

Preschool fees are waived for weekdays between Christmas and New Year's Eve for children who do not attend preschool at that time. Parents will then apply for the fee waiver in Electronic Signature by December 10 of each year.

Hvað er aðlögun?

Adaptation is when a child, parents, and staff have time to get to know each other. The child adapts to the preschool setting and learns in new circumstances. Adjustments may be made in different ways depending on the preschool. From day one, the focus is on building a good relationship between the preschool and the child's family. Parents will receive more information about adapting when a child has been offered space in preschool.

Eru allir leikskólar eins?

Nursery schools work by law and regulation and the primary curriculum of preschools. Aspects of preschool work may be different. See the website of each preschool for details.

Barnið mitt er með sérþarfir, hvernig sný ég mér varðandi það?

Children in need of special support/special education as assessed by authorized analysts will receive support/special education in preschool upon prior approval by the School and Recreation Special Education Assignment Team.