My Neighborhood 2021

Main information about My Neighborhood 2020-2021. All the main information about the idea collection, ballot line-up and the district vote. Everything from the number of ideas submitted to the voter turnout of the Reykjavík districts.

Idea collection and review

Ideas for My Neighborhood were collected from November 4, 2020 to January 20, 2021. A total of 1.320 ideas were submitted by residents, and there have never been as many individuals who participated in the collection of ideas and visited the Web site during the idea collection.

As in the past, everyone was allowed to submit an idea and idea creators were encouraged to submit well-crafted ideas in accordance with the prerequisites of the idea collection. 

This was the ninth time that ideas were collected. After the idea collection, the City of Reykjavík's project management team reviewed the ideas and consulted experts from within and outside the city administrative system to assess whether ideas meet the rules of the project and can be implemented. When evaluating ideas, the project team looked for various ways to implement the ideas so they could be voted on, and in several cases, idea creators were contacted in order to edit the ideas so they could be accepted and were eligible for the vote.

Once the review of ideas was completed, the ballot line-up took place. The ballot line-up was set up in open and electronic meetings of the district residents' councils, where anyone who wished could attend the meeting and participate in the ballot line-up. Participation in the ballot line-up was good, and district residents actively participated in selecting the ideas that went into a district vote.



Voting in My Neighborhood began on September 30 and ended at noon on October 14. Voter turnout in all of Reykjavík was 16.4%, with a jump in turnout and a rise in all of Reykjavík's neighborhoods from previous years. The turnout was highest in the Kjalarnes, with a turnout of 23.9%, followed closely by Árbær and Norðlingaholt with a turnout of 22.6%.


In total, 111 projects won the vote across Reykjavík and will be implemented in 2022. Below are the projects selected in each district of Reykjavík.


Árbær and Norðlingaholt


  • Adventure and recreation area at Rauðavatn Lake
  • More benches and trash cans in select locations in the area
  • Jumping Pillow in Árbæjarhverfi
  • Infrared sauna at Árbæjarlaug Pool
  • Wading Pool at Árbæjarlaug Pool
  • Christmas village at Árbæjarsafn Museum
  • Plant more trees in Norðlingaholt
  • Jumping Pillow in Norðlingaholt
  • Green play area and exercise equipment in Norðlingaholt


  • Christmas lights in the trees between Upper and Lower Breiðholt
  • New trash cans in the district
  • Improved lighting at select locations in the district
  • Christmas lights by Seljatjörn Pond
  • Jumping Pillow in Seljahverfi
  • Plant more trees at select locations in Breiðholt
  • More benches in the neighborhood
  • Exercise stairs from Lower Breiðholt up to Upper Breiðholt
  • Trampoline park
  • Jumping Pillow in Upper-Breiðholt
  • Trees and flower beds all around the district
  • Rest area in Elliðaárdalur Valley
  • Drinking fountains at select locations in the district
  • Beautify the environment in Bakkahverfi and Stekkjahverfi
  • Jumping Pillow in Lower-Breiðholt
  • Outdoor table tennis table

Grafarholt and Úlfarsárdalur

  • Jumping Pillow in Leirdalur
  • Plant more trees in Úlfarsárdalur
  • Trail from Úlfarsárdalur up to Hafravatn Lake
  • Rest area with barbecue
  • Basketball court by Ingunnarskóli School
  • Mountain biking trail on Úlfarsfell
  • Orienteering course between Reynisvatn Lake and Rauðavatn Lake


  • Christmas lights at select locations in the district
  • Sea swimming facilities by Geldinganes
  • Trampoline park
  • Zip Line swing in Gufunes
  • Massage waterfall in Grafarvogslaug Pool
  • Jumping Pillows in select spots in Grafarvogur
  • Stairs down to the beach by Gufunes
  • Mountain biking area in Gufunes
  • More benches in the neighborhood
  • Better lighting in Gufunes
  • Illuminate the footpath along Strandvegur
  • Parking by Geldinganes
  • Zip line swing in northern Grafarvogur

Háaleiti and Bústaðir

  • Improved lighting in Fossvogur
  • Green area and square by Grímsbær
  • Jumping Pillows
  • More benches in the neighborhood
  • Sledding slope below Grímsbær
  • Bicycle shelters and bicycle racks by Víkingur Sports Facilities
  • Putting course
  • Better lighting on walking path between Hvassaleiti and Kringla
  • Walking path from Kringlumýrarbraut into Álftamýri
  • Mini golf course
  • Disc golf by walking path in Múlahverfi
  • Tree alley at Háaleitisbraut
  • Outdoor cooking facilities in Úlfaskógur (Garðaflöt)


  • Renovate play and rest area in Klambratún
  • More flowers around the district
  • Improvements to waste drop-off centers
  • Improved greenery on Miklabraut
  • In-ground trampolines in Klambratún Park
  • Trees along Kringlumýrarbraut
  • Outdoor exercise equipment in Klambratún Park
  • Toddler swings
  • More benches in the neighborhood
  • Outdoor grill at Klambrar (Klambratún Park)
  • Basketball court at Hlíðaskóli School
  • Path connecting Bólstaðarhlíð to Kringlumýrarbraut
  • Bike repair stations in the district
  • Public parking for electric scooters


  • Jumping Pillow
  • Benches by the sea
  • Plant trees in Grundarhverfi
  • Disc golf course around the sports area


  • Improved lighting on paths in Laugardalur
  • Christmas village in Laugardalur
  • Jumping Pillow
  • Trees by Sæbraut
  • Improved greenery by Sæbraut
  • More benches in the neighborhood
  • Improved lighting by Laugarnesskóli School
  • Covered barbecue pavilion in Laugardalur
  • Sea swimming facilities on Laugarnestangi
  • Christmas lights on Skeiðarvogur
  • Public park accessible to all
  • Zip-line swing
  • Improve basketball court at Laugarnesskóli School
  • Better waste drop-off center on the corner of Kleppsvegur and Hjallavegur
  • Informational signs on the nature and layout of Laugardalur
  • Chess tables


  • Special bins for hypodermic needle disposal
  • Green area by Frakkastígur (Frakkland)
  • Windproof squares
  • Improve Lighting in Einarsgarður and Hljómskálagarður
  • Improve playground in Hljómskálagarður Park
  • Improve green area on Snorrabraut
  • Outdoor exercise equipment in Hljómskálagarður Park
  • Outdoor facilities at the Old Transformer Plant (Gamla spennistöðin)
  • Let's decorate houses with houses
  • Old-fashioned street lights in Miðstræti
  • More bike parking downtown


  • Grounds by Vesturbæjarlaug Pool for the whole family
  • Greener Reykjavík
  • Open green area at Hagatorg
  • Sea swimming facilities at Ægisíða
  • Small tub at Ægisíða
  • Jumping Pillow in the district
  • More benches in the neighborhood
  • Teqball court by Hagaskóli School