Housing protection

Old houses need to be treated with respect and must be treated correctly during repairs and renovations. Certain human activities have a preservation value for artistic or cultural-historical reasons.

Sound conservation intensity

The CoR is providing subsidies to apartment owners on traffic lanes, to improve the sound insulation of residential buildings by replacing ordinary glass with insulating glass.  If you own a residential building on a traffic lane, where the sound level due to traffic is at least 65 dB(A), outside the wall or window of an apartment, you are eligible for a sound conservation allowance.  The Housing Protection Fund grants subsidies for the restoration or repair of human remains that have a special preservation value for artistic or cultural-historical reasons. Subsidies are advertised once a year. Implementation is required to conform to the original architectural style of an anthropomorphism, and the perspective of monumentalism is paramount.

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Housing protection agency - advising on house maintenance and repair

Specialists in maintenance of older houses provide advice at the Aarhus Museum every Wednesday at 15:00-17:00 from February 1 to November 30.

Manpower Lifetime Costs

Cost analysis based on the lifetime of a maneuver. Demonstrates how much it actually costs to build and operate a manpower for a certain number of years. The factor that most influences the results is the maintenance needs, which is why it is important to choose the right construction material for the building in question.

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